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  • Nudie Jeans Fall Delivery Available Now

    Nudie is back with a variety of different styles ($165-$235) and colors for the fall season. Using nothing but organic fabrics on their products, Nudie’s delivery ranges from a Waxed Black Thinn Finn to a Grim Timm in black indigo. Each jean accommodates a different style, and the high quality construction allows your favorite pair of pants to last longer than ever. Phone Orders 702-463-3322 or International Shipping available.

    -Kevin Sanchez

  • 650-Nudie-Feature-Sneaker-Boutique-6662
    Nudie adds a coated finish to their staple Thinn Finn jean for a tad of shine. This spring, get your hands on the Thinn Finn Back 2 Black. Through time the coating will wear off expressing a matte and authentic look. Phone Orders 702-463-3322 or International Shipping available.

    - Francis Santos

  • Nudie Jeans Co. Showroom S/S14 Preview

    Nudie Jeans Co. has been a staple to the denim realm and this year, they have a number of new washes and cuts in store for the spring and summer seasons. Taking place in their Downtown Los Angeles Showroom, we had the chance to grab a few sneaker peek shots of upcoming pieces as well as their beautiful space. The Downtown showroom features beautiful custom made furnishings as well as custom made knick knacks you can only find here. Be sure to check out the shots below for a taste of great denim and beautiful space.

    - Francis Santos

  • Nudie-Jeans-Icon-Green-Thinn-Finn-Feature-Sneaker-Boutique-1
    As a company who focuses on living a more healthy lifestyle, Nudie Jeans Co. uses nothing but organic fabrics on their product. This 11 oz Thin Finn ($205) has been bleached and redyed to give you an iconic green color. The jeans are finished off with orange stitching and organic copper metal hardware throughout. Check them out today! Phone Orders 702-463-3322 or International Shipping available.

    - Francis Santos

  • Black Friday: Nudie Jeans Co. 50% Off

    It is that time of year again and this year’s black friday sale WILL be bigger than last year. Everything in the store will be on sale and we will be posting brands everyday that will have a significant mark down. We will be open from 9 am – 8 pm on Friday, November 23. Be there early to get your hands on the great deals!

    - Francis Santos

  • Feature’d Brand: Nudie Jeans Co.

    “The Naked Truth About Denim” pretty much sums up the story about Nudie Jeans Co. Living by quality and believing that denim is a second skin to some, Nudies create their jeans to intrigue denim connoisseurs around the globe. Founded in 1999 and being born in Gothenburg, the swedish denim company specializes in raw and prewashed denim. Integrating the brand with out her garments and accessories, 70% of the company’s revenue make up from their denim production. Just recently all Nudie denim are now made 100% organically in Europe. They stand by their belief and integrate tradition and passion in each piece. Grab yourself another set of skin today!
  • Nudies Jeans Repair Kit

    As a home to Nudie Jeans Co. it is pertinent to aid your denim once you have worn them for months or even years. Nudie presents a short clip on a quick DIY repair kit to help cover up small holes and help stop potential holes getting any bigger. Enjoy the clip and use the helpful tip on your denim!
  • You can never go wrong with a pair of unwashed denim from Nudie Jeans Co. This timeless piece is ultra durable. Get your pair and beat them for months without washing them. Swing by or order by phone to start breaking in your raw denim today. Make your jeans shape, fade, and honeycomb to your personal fit. ¬†For phone orders please call 702-463-3322

    Nudie Jeans Co. Grim Tim Dry 46 Dips in Navy ($185)