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  • Shwood Spring Delivery Available Now

    Utilizing the finest wood, Shwood integrates mother nature into different sunglass silhouette expressing a fashionable yet unique look. This spring, get your hands on a pair of quality crafted sunglasses including the Canby ($165), Eugene ($295), Haystack ($165) and Govy 2 ($165). Check out the gallery below odor a closer look. Phone Orders 702-463-3322 or International Shipping available.

    - Francis Santos

  • Shwood Canby Holiday Delivery Available Now

    Shwood’s original wooden sunglasses, the Canby makes an appearance this winter in four new colors. The flagship model is available in classic walnut as well as others with color blocking features. Shade your eyes from the sun and pick up a pair of new Shwood’s today! Phone Orders 702-463-3322 or International Shipping available.

    - Francis Santos

  • Shwood Belmont Winter Delivery Available Now

    Shwood redefines the sunglasses game with their latest delivery of Belmonts ($145). The rounded frames provide a more modern look and the bridge is equipped with the signature keyhole arch. The duo are available in walnut and dark walnut for those who look for either a light or dark shade in their frames. Phone Orders 702-463-3322 or International Shipping available.

    - Francis Santos

  • Shwood Ashland Winter Delivery Available Now

    Inspired by the classic aviator, Shwood redesigns the sunglasses with their own twist. The Ashland ($155) features a bigger face than the other Shwood models but takes shape of the classic Aviator. Each pair is polarized for a more functional characteristic. Aviaalble in Walnut and Dark Walnut, these two will make great finishing touches to your winter outfits. Phone Order 702-463-3322 or International Shipping available.

    - Francis Santos

  • Shwood Florence Select Available Now

    Shwood integrates detailing and luxury in the latest Florence Select sunglasses. Constructed with Aircraft-grade birch wood, the Florence Select ($295) ensures durability and flexibility. The overall construction of the sunglasses makes this pair the slimmest pair of wood sunglasses on the market. Pick up a pair today! phone Orders 702-463-3322 or International Shipping available.

    - Francis Santos

  • 650-Shwood-Pendleton-Canby-Feature-Sneaker-Boutique-1
    Wooden eyewear company Shwood, teams up with luxury fabric company Pendelton to bring you a duo of Canby sunglasses. The custom engraved arms are what make up this special project which are patterns based on Pendelton’s traditional designs. Adding on to this lush collection, the frames are equipped with polarized lenses to keep your eyes safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Phone Orders 702-463-3322 or International Shipping available.

    - Francis Santos

  • Shwood-Stone-Collection-Canby-Belmont-Feature-Sneaker-Boutique-Cotton-Candy-5
    One of Shwood’s most innovative project yet, the wooden sunglasses company fuses wood with different stone textiles. The Canby ($350) and Belmont ($350) silhouettes take on the unique project giving you a one of a kind look. Using Birch and Walnut wood, Shwood does not cease to lose their original style when it comes to trying out something new. Each pair of sunglasses are equipped with polarized lenses and is packages in a leather case for a classic finish. Available in limited quantities, it would be wise to grab a pair while you can! Phone orders 702-463-3322 or International Shipping available.

    Modeled By: @Faire_Monroe
    Photography By: @Freakinfrancis

  • Schwood Select 2013

    The wooden eyewear specialists, Shwood, has provided a look into their Select line for this year. The designers’ upcoming line includes signature components from their previous collections, as well as introducing a variety of new shapes and structures. An integral part of the collection lies in the new birch wood core- to ensure strength and flexibility throughout- and will be embodied throughout every piece. A visual lookbook is presented above, as well as a collection of images pictured below to give you a better look at these upcoming products.

    - Dustin DeGuzman