The Feature concept was born in a DJ booth on a warm Summer night in Reno Nevada. A brain child of founder Ajay Bouri. His vision to create a venue where fashion meets music, art and sneaker culture was born. Ajay, whom had some retail and fashion experience through his “personal shopper” service, couldn’t do it alone (because he didn’t have any money). He recruited two friends to make his dream a reality.

EJ Luera – a veteran DJ who has some experience running an entertainment company was on board. His only qualifications were that he had some money to invest and he wears shoes almost everyday. Fortunately he was good at picking good songs and knew enough about sound that the store wouldn’t lack music. He was a huge help.

Aaron White-also know as DJ Ikon, Aaron’s business experience amounted to a DJ booking agency and his short stint at Best Buy where he was dishonorably discharged in his late teenage years. Aaron also had some money to invest…AND he does know a lot of people that wear shoes, so he was a huge help.

As you can see, our four-some (2 DJs, a medical sales associate and a fashionista and dreamer) was meant to open a sneaker boutique. It was destined from the heavens above….

After many months of rookie mistakes (our heater is powered by gas???) and newcomer errors (fire inspectors don’t work on Thanksgiving???) Feature finally opened in late 2010 to fulfill all the shoe needs of COOL men, women and children everywhere.

In an industry over-run by the cookie-cutter mall stores that service the masses of unoriginal and uninspired people FEATURE strives to be a refreshing interpretation on the lame shoe store model.

Feature-ing phat beats in the background, dope art in the foreground and the most cutting edge selection of shoes, watches, sunglasses and apparel, WE ARE your one-stop-shop for FRESH.

Why would you buy anything from us? We might not know what we’re doing but we can PROMISE you this…we don’t just work at FEATURE, WE LIVE IT!!! Come live it with us.

We are located in Chinatown Las Vegas, Nevada. Less than 2 miles from the Las Vegas Strip (a cheap cab ride).

Questions: FEATURE is committed to total customer satisfaction. If you have any questions regarding your order or your shopping experience at FEATURE, we want to hear from you.

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