• WTF! Happened: Playa

    The 1990’s was filled with timeless sounds from different genres of music. Of those genres, R&B hit its peak with a number of iconic singles.

    Jawaan “Smokey” Peacock, Benjamin “Black” Bush and Stephen “Static Major” Garrett made up the R&B group Playa. Their hit album Cheers 2 U was produced by longtime collaborator Timbaland which made them legends in 90’s R&B. Static Major was known for being a successful songwriter for many hit artists including Ginuwine, Aaliyah, Lil Wayne and Brandy.

    Upon reaching commercial success, they first started as the group A Touch of Class. Before becoming Playa they signed to Swing Mob which was a label under Jodeci’s very own, DeVante. Swing Mob also featured individuals such as Missy Elliott, Timbaland & Magoo, Ginuwine and Tweet. By 1996, Many of these artists including Playa left Swing Mob to find success elsewhere. In 1998, Playa released Cheers 2 U which led to their moment in fame.

    In 2008, Static Major died from a rare condition called myasthenia gravis. In 2009, the remainder of the group released two singles but did not reach any charts. Although the recent years new material have yet to surface, Playa will always have their cut in R&B history.

  • WTF! Happened: Ma$e

    Mason Durnell Betha or better known as Ma$e was one of the 90’s rappers you should have known about. Hailing from Harlem, New York, the rapper was signed under P Diddy’s Bad Boy Records making his debut on 112’s remix to “Only You”. using this as his platform, Ma$e has worked with many respectable musicians in the industry including, Brian McKnight, Mariah Carey, Keith Sweat and Brandy to name a few. His debut album, Harlem World became number on the Billboard Pop and R&B LP charts selling over 250,000 copies during the first week.

    After his sophomore album, Double Up he decided to retire from music and pursue his calling from God. Four years later Ma$e released his third studio effort album, Welcome Back which highlighted his Christian beliefs. His new approach to the rap game led the album becoming gold.

    Recent years include photos of Betha back in the studio and maybe releasing some new content. He was featured on Kanye’s West’s Cruel Summer which gave him a chance to show the world that he is not yet finished with music. In 2013, he announced that his next album would be titled, Now We Even and wishes to include the likes of potential artists such as Lauryn Hill, Drake, Jay-Z, Diddy and more.

  • Feature’d Artist: Honet

    Hailing from Paris, France, Honet has marked the streets with his bold lines and vibrant graffiti murals. His weapon of choice is the classic spraycan giving life to his imagination. His career as a street artist began since the early 90’s mastering the art through commercial and underground outlets. Integrating personal experiences into his work, he gives life to his characters as a representation of hidden elements of the world. Check out the gallery below for some of his work.

    - Francis Santos

  • Feature’d Artist: Herbert Baglione

    Illustrating themes of death, chaos, sexuality and faith, Herbert Baglione takes over the streets of Sao Paulo with his monochromatic characters. His art stems from existentialist roots applying his deep imaginations into his own isolated style. His early works focused on the world’s ideal body type. Adding his own spin to it, he illustrated anorexic and obese figures expressing body types should not have an ideal type. These days, Baglione still expresses his feelings to the world by sharing his absurd murals.

    - Francis Santos

  • Feature’d Artist: Caleb Neelon

    Born in Boston, Caleb Neelon has developed his own style of street art. As a writer, educator and artist, abstract muralism seems to be his specialty. Whether he’s creatively writing on paper or on a wall, a pen and paintbrush are his choice of weapons. Better known as Sonik in the graffiti realm, Neelon made art a full time job after his trip to Germany in 1990. From that point on, he has experimented with different mediums and surfaces. His vibrant and meaningful murals can be found all around the world nest to many other respected street artists.

    - Francis Santos

  • Feature’d Artist: Nazza Stencil

    Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 1.26.08 PM
    Argentinian street artist, Nazza takes our spot for Feature’d Artist this week. His medium of art features portrait stenciling and the help of realization if political ideals. Painting the streets since 1994, his techniques have improved through every piece. Stenciling has been his gateway to expressing his political beliefs as well as saving time by going over the stencil once or twice rather than creating a whole full color piece. Check out the gallery below for a brief overview of his work.

    - Francis Santos

  • SLVDR S/S14 Preview

    Showing at Agenda Long Beach this past week, SLVDR showcases their Spring/Summer 2014 collection. THe broad range of garments include their subtle color stories along with minor details that make up their brand. From cut and sew tees to ready to wear outwear, SLVDR has created their own lane in the fashion market at an affordable price. Check out the preview photos below and be sure to keep an eye out for the collection here at Feature this summer.

    - Francis Santos

  • WTF! Happened: Cam’Ron

    Cameron Ezike Giles better known as Cam’ron was the head of Harlem’s rap group, The Diplomats. His solo career featured a number of albums including hit singles on each record. His first album, Confessions of Fire, was released in 1998 which included his good friend Ma$e. In 2001, he signed with his childhood friend Dame Dash with Roc-A-Fella. Through his signing with the Roc, Killa Cam released his most successful album, Come Home With Me which included guest appearances from Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek and production from Just Blaze and Kanye West.

    In recent years, Cam’ron released a few mixtapes and was feature’d in Wiz Khalifa’s ONIFC album. Rumors say that Killa Season 2 is in the works but no confirmation on a set release date. He latest mixtape Ghetto Heaven has gained some public views and is still a staple to New York’s rap scene.

    - Francis Santos

  • Feature’d Artist: RONE

    Famously known for his splendid portraits of beautiful women, RONE has created a style of art that balances decay and beauty. His work rooted from stenciling to free handing his recent pieces. Through his progress, his latest murals feature higher detail and intricate details. Initially spreading his art through his hometown of Melbourne, Australia, his portraits of women and decay have surfaced throughout the world. Check out the gallery below or his website for a full gallery.

    - Francis Santos

  • Feature’d Artist: Augustine Kofie

    Inspired by the geometric shapes that construct buildings and architecture, Augustine Kofie takes water color and acrylic paint to invent his own distinct style of art. Pristine lines and monochromatic colors make up his style. Geometric shapes and crisp edges are other characteristics that fulfills his retro futuristic illustrations.

    While studying fine arts at UCLA, Kofie discovered the use of other materials to construct art. From that point on, abstraction and basic shapes made up his signature. Check out the gallery for some of his work on the streets as well as exhibitions around the world or his website for a full gallery.

    - Francis Santos