• Man of Steel Trailer #3

    A third trailer for the upcoming summer blockbuster Man of Steel has hit the web today, and it looks promising. The 3-minute trailer featured above goes furthermore into the storyline of the movie, as well as a preview of the action that you will be seeing throughout. Check out the trailer, and get yourself geared up for Man of Steel when it makes its big screen debut June 14th.

    - Dustin DeGuzman

  • Cassell Street House

    The b.e Architecture group have constructed a beautiful contemporary home located in Melbourne, Australia. The mellow color palette used throughout the estate gives the home a very endearing quality. The prominent use of bold lines in the the home will appeal to any modernist, while stainless steel and dark woods are distributed all around the home to create a beautiful partnership that works well in unison. An elegant twisting staircase unites the two floors, while being greeted by a skylight on the way up. Browse the gallery below to view the rest of this sharp residence.

    - Dustin DeGuzman

  • Spacious Space Tent by Field Candy

    Get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors this Spring with the “Spacious” Space Tent by Field Candy. Appropriately titled, the tent features an all over space print and is manufactured from high-performance materials to stand up to anything that mother nature can throw at you. The tent is limited to 195 pieces, and is now available through Field Candy’s online shop.

    - Dustin DeGuzman

  • Elevated Sports Court in Spain

    elevatedcourt_01 (1)
    Spanish architect, Guzman De Yarza Blache, of the J1 Arquitectos was given the difficult task of maximizing the 33 x 35 play space of a local children’s school. Due to the large increase to the amount of children that the school hosts, something had to be done quickly and efficiently without disturbing daily studies and activities that take place daily. Guzman’s solution to the problem was to take to the unconventional route- by creating a multi-use sports court that was elevated off the ground, which also allowed children to play underneath it in supplied shade. To restrain sports equipment from flying over the top, a double layered metal fence curves over the top of the court. Different species of ivy coat the outside of the court, to help prevent the court from being a bulging eyesore, and bright colors were used in different areas to help that cause. Browse the gallery to view this unique play place.

    - Dustin DeGuzman

  • New Balance takes pride in being on the cutting edge of technology. They have recently revealed a short and powerful glimpse into the 3D printing process the company uses to craft some of the parts that go into its performance running models. Becoming gradually more widespread since it’s introduction back in 1986, 3D prints are typically produced by taking 3D models designed with Computer Assisted Design (CAD) or modeling software and slicing them into cross-sections. These slices are then individually printed using layers of liquid, powder or other materials before being fused together to form the completed three-dimensional shape. Other methods, include the use of lasers to selectively melt the model into a material before removing the excess to reveal the completed form. View the video & witness the 3D printing experience for yourself.

    - Angel Rodriguez


    As you may see this technique in numerous of movies, the steadicam is used frequently to capture smooth visuals. Cameraman Garrett Brown first invented the steadicam in the early 70’s and quickly became popular for film makers to use. Refocused Media has created a 10 minute video paying homage to the top 50 shots in movies using the art of steadicam. Take time to watch the the video above.

    - Lance Rellanos

  • rumor-apples-iwatch-to-arrive-by-the-end-of-2013-1
    Rumors have been surrounding the release of Apple’s potentially wearable technologies. Signs are hinting at the possible release of the Apple iWatch sometime later this year. The iWatch is thought to combine the functionality of a phone with GPS and health monitoring sensors. Apple’s venture into wearable fitness tracking began with Nike+ and the FuelBand, which may have been a platform for the iWatch. Of course, with the product’s release unconfirmed by Apple, the rumors still remain a speculation at best.

    -Angel Rodriguez

  • Soccket Energy-Harnessing Soccer Ball

    Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, there are millions across the globe who love the game but once it’s over don’t have basic human needs such as lights. That’s where Soccket saw an opportunity to help. Their new ball, which retails for $100 USD, has an internal mechanism that stores energy as the ball is moved, namely when it is being played with. The result is a single-bulb LED lamp that can generate light for up to 3 days. The more balls Soccket sells, the more they can manufacture and deliver light around the world.

    - Angel Rodriguez

  • Oakley x The Macallan – The Flask

    A collaboration between Oakley and The Macallan has brought us The Flask which is a celebration of technical design and discerning taste. The Flask is made with food-grade steel, carbon fiber and aerospace-grade aluminum. Other features of The Flask include a rubberized bottom for non-skid grip and a small rectangular air vent on the side of the funnel allow for ventilation. The Flask is the perfect example of technology meeting the consumers needs and is now available at

    - Angel Rodriguez

  • Google’s Stunning Tel Aviv Offices

    Google gives us a tour of their 8 floor Tel Aviv offices in Isreal. The Tel Aviv offices includes a gym, restaurants, and private rooms giving Google employees everything they need in a day’s work. There are three differenet restaurants in the building with the choice of kosher, non-kosher dairy, and non-kosher meat. Check out more photos of the stunning Google offices below.

    - Lance Rellanos