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Feature’d Artist: Nazza Stencil

Argentinian street artist, Nazza takes our spot for Feature’d Artist this week. His medium of art features portrait stenciling and the help of realization if political ideals. Painting the streets since 1994, his techniques have improved through every piece. Stenciling has been his gateway to expressing his political beliefs as well as saving time by Continue Reading


Feature’d Artist: Augustine Kofie

Inspired by the geometric shapes that construct buildings and architecture, Augustine Kofie takes water color and acrylic paint to invent his own distinct style of art. Pristine lines and monochromatic colors make up his style. Geometric shapes and crisp edges are other characteristics that fulfills his retro futuristic illustrations. While studying fine arts at UCLA, Continue Reading


Feature’d Artist: Icy and Sot

Hailing from Tabriz, Iran, Icy and Sot have been flooding the streets with their striking stencil artwork. Since 2006, the dynamic duo have been have reched heights in the Iranian urban art culture. Their works preach and give voice to war, peace, hope, despair, society issues and human rights through paint. Through their movement, the Continue Reading


Feature’d Artist: Ludo

Taking over places such as, Paris, Milan, and London for three years, Ludo fills the streets with his surreal art pieces. Integrating grays and his signature greens, his fictional paintings include insects fused with weapons of has destruction. His signature style has become a staple in the art world due to its futuristic and modern Continue Reading

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Feature’d Artist: NOSEGO

Based out of Philly, Nosego, has integrated the aspects of fine arts and contemporary style into his pieces. His superb illustration skills feature vibrant colors and crisp lines expressing his creative skills to the max. Different shapes and characters fill the streets and canvas around the world. His amazing talent and creativity has led to Continue Reading


Feature’d Artist: YZ

Pronounced, “eyes”, YZ is an artist committed to a one of a kind craft in the streets or on canvas. Her transformation for buildings around us dictates what type of painting she will execute. The theme of most of her paintings is the complexity of the human race. Just like her art, her integration of Continue Reading

Kilian Martin- Internal Departure

Freestyle street skater Kilian Martin continues to present skateboarding as a form of art in his latest short film. Collaborating with director Brett Novak for the eighth time, Kilian impresses with his special arsenal of street skills in an empty art gallery while Brett films in tasteful fashion. The tricks that Kilian performs in the Continue Reading


Banana Art By Honey

Sweet Station staff writer, Honey, creates a unique way on creating art on bananas. Although pens and other items did not work, she sought out to find that safety pins sufficiently gave her the leverage on creating portraits on bananas. From Bob Marley to the Blues Brothers, Honey covers an array of important figures, check Continue Reading